BMW X4, X3 35iS, X3M hearsays

3 October 2010 | No Comments » | Jeroen

BMW Blog has the dig on some likely new BMW replicas, as per the coverage of an obvious inside resource that goes by the name Scott26. Scott26 has an imposing track record of revealing accurate information before made public.

Still assumed with a strong does of atheism, Scott26 describes that BMW is, at the very least, taking into account the subsequent models: An X4, an X3 M and an X3 35iS.

The most attractive of these is, of course, the X4, which would be an absolutely new model. It would essentially be a baby take on the X6. Stylistically, it would look like the X6’s sport coupe/SUV design, while the car would allocate much of its structure of engines and skill, almost certainly even its proposal, with the X3 range.

“BMW are keen to capitalize on the success of the X6 by offering a ‘downsized’ version of [it],” publishes Scott26 on BMW Blog.

But that is not to leave out a most likely X3 M alternative. “An X3M using the power plant from the upcoming 1M is on the table also,” pens Scott26, even though, he states, no ultimate decision has been made.

Source: BMWBlog